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Soul Conspiracy

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The duo Love Connection was formed in March of 2009. The married couple Raymond and Kamaria Love were rapping and making songs together for fun and to perform at local gospel nights in the Inland Empire of Southern California. After performing at numerous churches and local events they began to realize that people wanted to buy their music. The thing is they never meant to record music to sell to the masses. That is when they began to work on the “Soul Conspiracy” album.

Raymond, who is also an ordained minister, came to Christ in March of 1999. Before his conversion he was a local DJ in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Raymond worked at and promoted many night clubs in the area. He was also a guest DJ on a popular college radio station. After meeting and marrying Kamaria, Raymond came to know Jesus at Kamaria’s home church of St. John M.B.C. in Riverside California. After realizing that God did not want him to waist his gift as a DJ Raymond began to work with his high school buddies Solo and Chille from the Gospel Gangstaz. He traveled with the gospel rap group for more than three years as their DJ. Raymond accepted his calling into the gospel ministry and was ordained through St. John M.B.C. in August of 2005. He also completed his B.A. degree in 2005 in Mass Communication while working on a minor in music.  Raymond is now an associate minister at Spirit Filled Family Church in Hesperia California under the leadership of Apostle Michael Hart.

Kamaria Love came to know the Lord at the age of 7. She is the oldest of 5 kids, and their mother always had them in church. It was in 3rd grade when she won the class poetry contest, that she learned she had the gift of writing. Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin and raised in Long Beach California, she always surrounded herself with people from the church. Kamaria had dreams of playing basketball for California Baptist University, but she had to turn down her scholarship when she found out she was pregnant with her first daughter. Two and a half years later she met the man of her dreams, where he was the DJ at a local night club. Shortly after marrying Raymond, he encouraged her writing skills; and he took notice of her distinct voice. Soon Raymond and Kamaria began writing songs together and performing at local churches and Gospel Jamz. Kamaria continues her work in the ministry at Spirit Filled Family Church by worshipping with dance and teaching praise dance to the young ladies of the church.

The duo teamed up with their pastor Apostle Michael Hart. Michael Hart had already released three albums of his own and several more with other artists on his Spirit Filled Entertainment label.  It was also Apostle Michael Hart who gave the group the name Love Connection. The plan of God has come full circle, and the Gospel Rap duo of Raymond and Kamaria Love (The Love Connection) are ready to continue the battle for souls with music and ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.