Spirit Filled Entertainment is dedicated to the spread of the Christian faith teachings and principles using music, words, and images that uplift and inspire.

We recognize the need for spiritual enrichment in our changing society and respond to that need by promoting artists with messages that present and reflect Jesus Christ.

Our purpose and commitment is to perpetuate, promote, and advance music with an emphasis on Gospel music.

We’re committed to the original purpose of Gospel music, and that is spreading the Gospel (Good News) through song.

We are devoted to the rich heritage and sounds expressed in the Traditional Black Church Experience.

We also embrace other types of music as they uplift and inspire mankind edifying the mind, body, and soul.

In day-to-day operations we will strive to ensure that honesty, integrity, wisdom, and respect for others be maintained.

This company is patterned after God’s heart.

It is inspired, established, and directed by God.

We desire that the Spirit of God would fill every project that comes through this company.